Why Recall?

The historic rise in crime in Washington DC is a threat to the livelihoods of the decent people who call it home. Seemingly every day, we read about (or see/hear) a shooting, a carjacking, a home invasion, a robbery, often not far from our homes and families.

In the face of this evolving and worsening crime crisis, the District of Columbia’s City Council has not only failed to act, but they have made the problem worse.

In 2021, Brianne voted to defund the police by $15 million, which has left the Metropolitan Police Department dramatically undermanned. Last year, Brianne ignored the pleas of Mayor Muriel Bowser, the MPD, and thousands of her constituents when she passed legislation that reduced penalties on violent criminals including repeat offenders convicted of gun crimes, violent assaults, and carjackings.

Conditions in the Ward have become untenable.

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Assaults with a Dangerous Weapon
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Motor Vehicle Theft

People are scared. If this trend continues, law-abiding residents will leave the city. People will not compromise their safety. We are already seeing this trend occur and hearing these conversations happen amongst our friends and colleagues. Small businesses, restaurants, retail stores will close their doors, investors will look elsewhere, property values will plummet, and our city will lose its vibrancy.

What we have lost over the last couple of years is nothing short of a tragedy. We have lost our overall sense of physical safety, the cleanliness of our streets, the walkability of our neighborhoods, the value in our investments, and just recently our professional sports teams. Maybe worst of all is the prospect of staying in DC long-term. 

The Path Forward

A Vision for a Safer Ward 1

Our mission goes beyond the recall; it’s about laying the foundation for a future where safety and justice prevail. We envision a Ward 1 where streets are safe to walk, businesses flourish, and families thrive. A community where policies reflect the will and needs of the people, and leaders are held accountable for their actions. Join us in turning this vision into reality.

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