Our Leadership Team

Diana Alvarez

Diana Alvarez – Chairwoman

Democrat – Columbia Heights

“The historic rise in crime is not just mere numbers; they represent shattered lives, eroded trust, and a community living in fear. My business experienced three violent robberies. My employees were terrorized and my security costs have become astronomical. I know that I am one of many people and businesses in this dire situation.

I am also a mother. The dream of a safe, vibrant, and prosperous Ward-1 seems more distant with each passing day. I am proud to lead this effort because we deserve representation that is responsive to our needs, not in denial of them.”

Elliot Howe – Treasurer

Democrat – U Street

“As someone who lives, works & wants to raise a family in Ward 1, I have witnessed the impact of the lack of leadership by Nadeau’s inability to acknowledge the crime rate and other social injustices facing our community. This is why I am involved with this recall.”

The Path Forward

A Vision for a Safer Ward 1

Our mission goes beyond the recall; it’s about laying the foundation for a future where safety and justice prevail. We envision a Ward 1 where streets are safe to walk, businesses flourish, and families thrive. A community where policies reflect the will and needs of the people, and leaders are held accountable for their actions. Join us in turning this vision into reality.

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