Ward-1 Residents Launch Recall Campaign Against Brianne Nadeau

Columbia Heights, Washington, D.C. – Today, Ward-1 concerned residents and small business owners officially filed papers to create the Committee to Recall Brianne Nadeau, taking the critical first step to launch a recall effort against Ward-1 Councilmember Brianne Nadeau. Diana Alvarez, a native Washingtonian and Ward-1 small business owner, will lead the committee as Chairwoman.

Washington ended 2023 as one of the most violent cities in America. When many major U.S. cities enjoyed drops in crime, DC endured a historic spike in both violent and property crime.

In Ward-1 alone, the increase was even worse than in Washington city-wide.

● Homicide +100%

● Assault with a Dangerous Weapon +56%

● Motor Vehicle Theft +48%

Instead of responding to the crisis with the seriousness that it demanded, Brianne Nadeau voted for a budget that defunded the police by $15 million despite Mayor Bowser’s objections and passed legislation that reduced penalties on violent criminals, including for repeat offenders who committed gun crimes, carjackings, and violent assaults. Today, the Metropolitan police is critically understaffed, and our residents are meaningfully less safe.

“The historic rise in crime is not just mere numbers; they represent shattered lives, eroded trust, and a community living in fear. My business experienced three violent robberies. My employees were terrorized and my security costs have become astronomical. I know that I am one of many people and businesses in this dire situation.

“I am also a mother. The dream of a safe, vibrant, and prosperous Ward-1 seems more distant with each passing day. I am proud to lead this effort because we deserve representation that is responsive to our needs, not in denial of them. Brianne Nadeau has fundamentally failed to take any consequential action to reduce crime, and it is time she is held accountable.”

– Diana Alvarez, Chairwoman, Committee to Recall Brianne Nadeau