Recall Campaign Slams Brianne Nadeau’s ‘Tip Line’ Intimidation Tactics

We have recently learned that Brianne Nadeau has created a “TIP LINE” to “report signs of signature gatherers” (i.e. her constituents) exercising their right to collect signatures in support of the recall.

The Recall Brianne Nadeau Campaign issues the following statement, making it clear that we, and our many supporters, will not be bullied or threatened by Brianne Nadeau:

“Let us be clear about our intentions. We fully intend to exercise our democratic rights under the laws of the District of Columbia in regards to petition gathering. If Brianne sends people to harass our canvassers or threatens our supporters in any way, our campaign is prepared and ready to take the necessary legal action in response. We will not be intimidated.

Rather than spend time worrying about who is trying to harm her political career, Brianne should focus on ways to keep her constituents safe from violence.

One can only imagine the pain and confusion Ward-1 crime victim families feel when they see Brianne move so quickly to protect herself, when she’s done so little to protect them.”